The Hall and Meeting Room have a maximum capacity of 150 people.


Does the Hall and Meeting Room have tables and chairs and are these an extra charge to use?

Yes, we have tables and chairs and there is no charge for these
Chairs: there are approx. 100 chairs
Tables: 14 – 1800 x 750mm and 6 – 2400mm x 750mm trestle tables

Does the Hall have kitchen facilities?

Yes, there are two fully functional stoves, a microwave, pie warmer, fridge/ freezer and dishwasher.
There is also a ‘Zip’ for hot water and two sinks.

Do you have cutlery and crockery?

No, you will need to supply or hire your own

Does the Hall have a sound system?

No, there is no sound system

Does the Hall or Meeting Room have a projector and screen?

The Meeting Room has a screen but not a projector.

Does the Hall have a lectern?

No, it does not.

Do I need an alcohol license?

You only need to apply for an alcohol license if you are selling alcohol. Please go to the Auckland Council website for more information.

Do you allow teenage, 16th, 18th or 21st parties?

No, we are sorry but based on post poor experiences, we cannot allow these.

Can we put a bouncy castle up in the Hall?

Yes, you can. The hire company MUST put mats under all heavy equipment so the floor does not get scratched.

Can we attach decorations to the walls?

PLEASE DO NOT USE pins, nails, sellotape or staples on the walls.

Does the Hall and Meeting Room have heaters?

Yes, there are heaters in the main hall area. These are run on a coin basis at $2 per hour. You must wait for the green light to go out before you put the next coin in – you cannot put in multiple coins and walk away. The machine will only take $2 coins.

The Meeting Room has a heat pump.

Does the Hall have a First Aid kit and Defibrillator?

No, it is your responsibility to bring any first aid materials. Greenhithe Pharmacy is opposite the Hall and the Greenhithe Medical Centre is opposite Collins Park. Both open during normal working hours.

There is a defibrillator at the Fire Station, one at the Greenhithe Medical Centre (opposite Collins Park) and one at the Tennis Club (Roland Road) during opening hours only.

Is there parking available?

Yes, lots of it. There is parking outside the Hall, across the road and on Greenhithe Road in front of the Hall.

Does the Hall have a Fire & Smoke Alarm System?

The Community Hall has a Fire, Smoke and Heat Detection and Alarm System installed. The kitchen area has a heat sensor only and the rest of the rooms in the Hall have smoke sensors.

It is essential that the following precautions and procedures are followed by all Community Hall users.

  • Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the Hall.
  • Smoke making machines, barbecues and the like are not allowed in any area of the Hall.
  • All cooking is to be confined to the kitchen or outside areas.

N.B. Should the alarm system be activated due to non-compliance or inappropriate activity, the Hirer(s) and or booker(s) will be liable for all consequential expenses.

What does the cleaner do after the event?

The cleaner will clean all surfaces, floors, bathrooms, toilets and restock the paper towels.
As the hirer, you must take all decorations down and away with you, take all rubbish off the premises and ensure the building is closed up, windows shut, locked and lights off before you leave.

There is a recycle bin for your use outside the premises.
Please allow for ‘pack in’ and ‘pack out’ in your hours booked
Please bring your own rubbish bags and take away all rubbish after the event

Thank you for your interest.