In the 60s and 70s Greenhithe was simply farmland and the area was dominated by only a handful  of farmers. As Auckland grew and access to the North Shore improved, so this land was sold off and developed. The community of Greenhithe was formed.

Greenhithe is a suburb of the North Shore of Auckland.


In 2001 Greenhithe had a population of 4,170, according to the census. It showed dramatic growth after the North Shore City Council determined that it was to be a major growth area. By 2006, the population had increased to 6,390. Where once the typical section size was a quarter to half an acre, the newer subdivisions of Wainoni, Admiral’s Court and more have reduced that to around 600m2 (with a quarter acre being a shade over 1000m2). As from 1 November 2010, Greenhithe is under the governance of the Auckland Council.


Historically, Greenhithe extended from the Upper Harbour Bridge through to Wainoni Park in the north, but new subdivisions have extended the urban boundaries through to “Greenhithe North”, including the northern part of Kyle Rd and Schnapper Rock. Until a proposed bridge is built to join the two Kyle Rds, these areas may have more community affiliation with Albany.

Greenhithe is bordered by Lucas Creek in the north and Hellyers Creek in the south. Transit NZ built the Upper Harbour Motorway through Greenhithe, completed in late 2007.

A Nature-blessed Place

Greenhithe Walks

  • Greenhithe Walk 1: the red-dotted line(click here for route details)
    Time: 1 hour
    Description:easy terrain, tracks, footpath, not pushchair friendly
    To see: native bush, beach

    • Start from The Collins café, 20 Greenhithe Road
    • Cross Greenhithe Road and enter Collins Park
    • Walk diagonally across the park and join walkway to Shiloh Way (around Playcentre)
    • At end of Shiloh Way turn left into Tauhinu Road
    • Turn right into Remu Place, walk to end of road
    • At the bottom of the road find the pathway on right opposite no. 28 Remu Pl and foreshore sign
    • Continue up path until it meets driveway to Austin Rd. Continue along Austin to first intersection (Marae Rd)
    • At Marae Rd turn left and continue to walk along Marae Rd
    • Turn right into a walkway between no. 23–25 Marae Rd (between white fences)
    • At bottom of this walkway you reach Rahui Reserve beach
    • Turn left up Rahui Rd past the public toilets
    • At the top of Rahui Rd turn left onto Rame Rd
    • Turn right onto Oratau Pl and at the end take the path into Oratau reserve
    • Turn right at first fork in path
    • Walk down track past Orchard reserve and continue along path until you reach Waipuia Pl
    • Cross Waipuia Rd and enter pathway to Greenhithe Memorial Park directly opposite
    • Walk to the right around tennis courts and head towards Roland Rd across park
    • Turn right onto Roland Rd and continue back to The Collins café for a well-earned coffee!
  • Greenhithe Walk 2: the blue-dotted line (click here for route details)
    Time: 1 hour
    Description: easy terrain, tracks, footpath
    To see: park, stream, pond

    • Start from The Collins café, 20 Greenhithe Road
    • Turn left and walk along Greenhithe Rd
    • Veer left down Roland Rd
    • Turn right onto walkway in reserve beside no. 51 and continue through next gate and across stream until you reach Churchouse Rd
    • Turn right into Churchouse Rd (go past car park entrance to the park and playground)
    • Turn left onto walkway across road from no. 41 and continue straight ahead through park
    • Exit park at Te Wharau Dr, cross the road and turn left
    • Turn right at walkway opposite no. 70
    • Exit reserve and walk straight across road and join walkway between no. 110–114
    • Continue along walkway until it reaches Orwell Rd/Te Wharau Dr intersection
    • Walk along Te Wharau Dr back to park entrance between no. 48–52
    • Turn left up walkway opposite soccer pavillion, carpark and toilets
    • Continue up this path until it meets Greenhithe Rd
    • Turn right onto Greenhithe Rd
    • Continue down Greenhithe Rd until you return to The Collins café
    • Order your coffee and relax, Great Job!

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Greenhithe Parks and Reserves

  1. Collins Park
    15 Greenhithe Road, Greenhithe
  2. Greenhithe War Memorial Park
    10 Roland Road, Greenhithe
  3. Wainoni Park North
    56 Churchouse Road, Greenhithe
  4. Wainoni Park South
    52 Greenhithe Road, Greenhithe
  5. Admirals Court Reserve
    14 Admirals Court Drive, Greenhithe
  6. Ashurst Reserve
    2 Ashurst Lane, Greenhithe
  7. Awatahi Reserve
    3 Awatahi Place, Greenhithe
  8. Churchouse Esplanade Reserve
    73 Churchouse Road, Greenhithe
  9. Dene Court Reserve
    16 Dene Court Lane, Greenhithe
  10. Durbin Reserve
    27 Durbin Court, Greenhithe
  11. Eastvale Reserve
    12 Eastvale Close, Greenhithe
  12. George Deane Place Reserve
    36 George Deane Place, Greenhithe
  13. Greenbough Reserve
    46 Greenbough Lane, Greenhithe
  14. Greenhithe Upper Harbour Reserve
    322 Upper Harbour Drive, Greenhithe
  15. Hellyers Esplanade Reserve
    145 Upper Harbour Drive, Greenhithe
  16. Huntington Reserve
    173 Kyle Road, Greenhithe
  17. Kereru Reserve
    14 Kereru Grove, Greenhithe
  18. Kingfisher Esplanade Reserve
    31 Kingfisher Grove, Greenhithe
  19. Kingfisher Reserve
    13 Kingfisher Grove, Greenhithe
  20. Koki Reserve
    6 Koki Road, Greenhithe
  21. Kyle Reserve
    27 Miromiro Street, Greenhithe
  22. Kyle Road Esplanade Reserve
    29 Pitoitoi Avenue, Greenhithe
  23. Kyle Road Reserve
    38 Admirals Court Drive, Greenhithe
  24. Marae Reserve
    46 Marae Road, Greenhithe
  25. Marae Road Esplanade Reserve
    22 Marae Road, Greenhithe
  26. Mauku Reserve
    38 Mackay Drive, Greenhithe
  27. Oratau Reserve
    13 Oratau Place, Greenhithe
  28. Orchard Reserve
    18 Almond Grove, Greenhithe
  29. Outlook Reserve
    36 Outlook Road, Greenhithe
  30. Pounamu Reserve
    8 Pounamu Avenue, Greenhithe
  31. Rahui Reserve
    17 Rahui Road, Greenhithe
  32. Rame Esplanade Reserve
    18 Rame Road, Greenhithe
  33. Rame Reserve
    101 Rame Road, Greenhithe
  34. Redfern Nature Reserve
    189 Upper Harbour Drive, Greenhithe
  35. Remu Reserve
    20 Remu Place, Greenhithe
  36. Shelter Reserve
    25 Shelter Drive, Greenhithe
  37. Taihinui Historical Reserve
    8 Te Kawau Pass, Greenhithe
  38. Tauhinu Reserve
    84 Tauhinu Road, Greenhithe
  39. Te Wharau Creek Esplanade Reserve
    1 Te Wharau Drive, Greenhithe
  40. Wainoni Downs
    49 Te Wharau Drive, Greenhithe
  41. William Gamble Reserve
    63 William Gamble Drive, Greenhithe