We need you.

We are a charity organisation funded through the community. Without your help we cannot continue our work. Both community halls require a great deal of investment to maintain, and we need additional funding in order to put pressure on the local Council to achieve improvements in our community.

Now that Auckland is presided over by a large Council structure – the super City, it is pulled in all directions and is pressured from many parties to part with it’s money. We at the GRA ensure that Greenhithe has a voice in local council and that our concerns are heard. When we hear of issues, then we put pressure on our Local Board and Council to fix these issues. Our campaigns can take years, but we’re tenacious and certainly rarely take no for an answer.

Please help us to represent our community by joining the Greenhithe Residents Association. Your contribution goes towards:

  • Maintaining our public spaces and buildings
  • Enabling us to put pressure on our Local Board, Auckland Council and Auckland Transport
  • WaterCare

To become a member of the Greenhithe Residents Association, simply click here and join for $20. It’s a round of coffees – surely that’s not too much to ask to keep our vibrant community at it’s best?