A little while ago Auckland Council added cycle lanes on both sides of Upper Harbour Drive – it’s a great initiative and one we should all support. Getting people onto bikes should be a priority in a city like ours, in a country with a climate like ours. But here’s the rub. In so doing Auckland Council changed the traffic lanes and the transiting of cars at the junction with Albany Highway. It’s created long traffic queues during commuter times.

The GRA is well aware of the situation and has been tackling both Auckland Council and Auckland Transport. We have met with various representatives and watched the queues build. The situation has been monitored by Auckland Transport too. Recently they came back to us saying that there really isn’t a problem and that at most drivers have to queue for 2 traffic light phases. Our argument that this was never the case before and that the situation has been caused by Auckland Transport and that they should put it right.

The solution, in our mids, is actually quite simple. Take the cycle lane up onto the pavement as it nears the junction, thereby allowing cars to fill both lanes and turn left more easily.

Currently they are refusing to put right the problem they caused. We feel strongly that this issue needs to be tackled. As a a result we are increasing our campaign to resolve this issue. In January we plan to put up notices and hand out leaflets to drivers, urging them to email Auckland Transport and make a complaint. Watch this space, and let’s see whether we can get this fixed.